Global Brand Management- Hotel

Global Brand Management

Students will examine two hotel brands from a global perspective. Based on the information provided by the web site, you should compare the hotels and resorts on the following basis. The goal of the project is to acquaint students with the global nature of the hotel and resort industry and some of the challenges involved.

Europe (LONDON) or choose Paris but has to be Hilton and Hyatt from Paris whichever is easier to find more information on either London or Paris :
2 HOTELS: Hyatt and Hilton that should be compared same city
Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill
And the Hilton in London

Questions that need to be answered:
1. Who is the market?
Is it the same or are there differences, obvious or subtle?
2. What are the price points?
3. What is pictured for each hotel?
4. What are the similarities between the hotels and what are the differences?

5.Based on the above, in your opinion how is the Brand managing its global strategy?
One size fits all
Tailoring the product to each situation
Or some type of hybrid approach

6. What are the special considerations for Resort Management?
How are they different from Hotel Management?
How are they similar to Hotel Management?

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