Geography assignment


I have an assignment that i need help with.


choose at least 3 images (and maximum of 5) to represent your place.  These images should relate to the reasons you want to live in this place. If the image is not yours (meaning you didn’t take the picture), be sure to cite your source.


Write a paragraph for each image to describe it and explain why you included it as an important pull factor influencing your consideration of it as a place to live and to work in the future.


Be sure to include the following in your paper:




At least 3 images (maximum of 5) and a paragraph for each one (instructions above).  CITE your sources if you use images that are not yours (place the citation below the picture).






Be sure to write an organized response and check your grammar.




I chosed  Dubai and Newyork


and I chose these  three reasons:


1- family




3- location


and you can add whatever you want to add of reasons. But different than the three i Chosed.


so, two cities each city with 3 images and 3 paragraphs

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