Generating Topic Ideas

1.Choose a topic from the list in Appendix A of the student course guide. NOTE: The topic you choose for this exercise will be the basis of your “Critical Thinking Paper” due in Week 10.
2.On a piece of paper or in a Word document on your computer, use the “brainstorming” technique, “starbursting technique,” and “Five Ws for Journalists” technique to generate ideas for your topic.
3.In the threaded discussion –
◦State which topic you chose and the reasons why you chose the topic.
◦Identify which of the three techniques was the most productive for you as a way of generating ideas. Explain why.
◦State which of these techniques you think you might use for future writing projects. Explain why.

• Cities have the right to ban smoking in public.
• People have become overly dependent on technology.
• Beauty pageants exploit women.
• English should be the official language of the United States.
• Drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense.
• People are too dependent on computers.

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