Extremism, violence and political change

I want a thesis paper about extremism, violence and change. All concepts should be linked describing a specific case-study ( a comparison between Egyptian revolution 2010 and Ukrainian revolution 2004) . The emphasis is theoretical and the case-study should elucidate the theory or theories chosen as the basis of the work. This is 15pages long (double space, Arial-12) and should include antecedent reason, circumstances and conditions, the actual event of series of events and the aftermath. The paper should also underline the connections between extremism, violence and change, and if one of the components was missing or lacking, explain why. Want to see a good comprehension of the theories and the models that you will find them on the articles that I’m going to upload shortly ; to show the fluidity between extremism, violence and political change (if any)

[Extremism phase really activates the group effort and stops along the way to activism…the last stop is the extremism mindset —that they can bring about this ubiquitous change, that they are capable of doing this. THE INTERPLAY BETWEEN THE THREE COMPONENTS (Ex: extremism , violence or extremism, violence and political change or extremism and political change or violence and political change)]

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