Euriprdes Medea

Read the Greek Play Medea. When you read the play Medea is heart broken and very upset that her husband is leaving her and his children to be cast out of the city. Her and Jason go back in forth on the issue. Please discuss the big decision in the play when Medea decides to kill her children and allows Jason to know what she did and then leaves. Leaving Jason to be left alone in tears and sorrow.

The instructions are down below also. ONLY ACEMDIC SOURCES PLEASE!!

Length: 1200-1500 words (typed and formatted in MLA or APA style). That’s about 3-4 pages.

•Topic: Pick one specific, important decision made by a character in one of our literary works. Analyze the reasons behind that decision, including the cultural values or traditions or historical circumstances that influenced it. Also, discuss the impact that this decision has on the character, story, and the work’s themes/ideas. Be sure you’re focusing tightly on a single decision!

•Use quotes from your chosen literary work. Good literature papers will offer plenty of detailed analysis of specific quotes, scenes, and situations in your text. Analysis is not the same as plot summary. Avoid lengthy plot summary. Instead, write for an audience that is already familiar with the overall storyline.

•You are encouraged to find one or two outside sources about the cultural/social/historical context for the story, to support your explanation of how culture or history affected the character’s decision. There are no specific requirements for how many or what kind of outside sources. However, it’s always better to use an expert’s quote or concrete information rather than to generalize about a country’s beliefs or traditions.

•Use MLA or APA document formatting and citations. Be sure you include citations for your literary text, along with any outside sources you decide to use.

•DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Avoid online plot summaries: they are a danger to your grade. I would rather see ideas that are weird-but-original than ideas that are accurate-but-copied. Papers containing overt plagiarism will receive zero points.

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