The course project will expand your knowledge of ground improvement in one area of interest, require you to do detailed research, ascertain what information is significant, and present your findings in a clear and professionally written manner.

Topic: Electrotreatment
1) In-depth study of one ground improvement technique performed on one particular real-world project (if 3+ resources from 3 different organizations are available). The resources that you find must provide a lot of “technical meat” rather than just illustration of an application (which is what most conference proceedings do).

How your paper will be evaluated:
• Your paper should be meaningful. Why (or where) is this topic relevant ? Do you draw a conclusion that is connected to the relevance of your topic ? Don’t leave the reader saying “So what ?” afterwards.
• A significant amount of effort will be expended in finding quality references. This will be considered.
• Your topic needs to be narrow enough to require you to get into some “technical depth”. It needs to have some engineering “meat” to it- and to a deeper level than we get to in class. If you don’t revisit some geotechnical aspects from your basic geotechnical engineering class, you probably don’t have enough “meat”. An interesting story still needs the engineering details.

• Your paper will be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 2,000 words (equivalent to 5 to 6 single spaced pages). DO NOT exceed 2,000 words.
• An appropriate number of figures/photos will be included. If something can be expressed better with one figure than 100 words- then use the figure !
• You need to be diligent to reference any significant statement that is not based on your own knowledge or experience.
• The written paper will be profession in appearance. Final paper should be double spaced with figures and photos inserted and referenced appropriately.
• The references you choose are VERY important. You need a minimum of three QUALITY references. You need to state why you think their findings are objective and reliable sources of knowledge on the subject. You may want to reference how many times these references have been cited. You need to consider the perspective from which these papers are written. Any of the materials in the Moodle Reference Library are reliable sources from which you may pursue your documents.
• A minimum of 3 documents will be referenced in your paper and included in your bibliography

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