Effective Ethics program


ABS Manufacturing Company (AMC)  is an auto manufacturer with operations in different parts of the world. AMC employs an approximate of 200,000 employees worldwide. The company was established in the year 2002 whereby it mainly focused on manufacturing and production of car parts. However, three years later, the company diversified its product line and began manufacturing different brands of sports cars.

Benchmark of the codes of conduct of Toyota, General Motors and Ford

Taking into consideration the legal section of the code of ethics, all of the three companies within the auto manufacturing industry require their representatives and employees to act in accordance with the law of the land in order for them to reach their goal. Evidently the Toyota manufacturing company requires the company to comply with the laws and regulations so as to achieve its goals. This is included with the compliance of with the company’s policies and rules as well as any social norms within all the available aspects of work (Gebler, 2006).

Taking into consideration the exchange section of the code of ethics, all of the three companies within this industry consider it necessary to have clear communication techniques so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings during their line of work (Hedberg & Malmborg, 2003) Furthermore, most of these companies consider a timely exchange of information to be critical towards the achievement of the goals and missions of the company.

Taking into consideration the confidentiality section of the code of ethics Toyota, Ford and General Motor’s code of conduct within this industry do not allow the members of the organization to share their information with outsiders without a consent from the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, none of the companies allow the members to hold discussion of any form within the competitors.

Taking into consideration the compilation section of the code of ethics, all of the three companies require their members to follow through every commitment in a timely manner. The goals of the companies are normally completed as agreed upon by the benchmarking partners.

According to Gossling (2003) ethical challenges, also referred to as ethical dilemmas may impair the reputation of a business as well as its financial performance. This is evident as a company can engage in activities such as environmental pollution which comes about as a result of failure of abiding to the set rules and regulations. Through acts of facilitation of an ethical behavior, an organization can safeguard its reputation as well as convey a commitment towards delivering responsible practices to the society.

ABS Manufacturing Company code of conduct

Coming up with a harmonious working environment

AMC honors the rights of all its members and does not tolerate any form of rights infringement. In addition, the company strives to maintain a fair and a stable working environment which promotes safety and harmonious working for all its employees.

Compliance with the laws and regulations

AMC is committed towards complying with the applicable laws, rules and the company’s internal policies. In addition, the company takes abides to all the social norms associated with the all the work aspects of the company.


AMC goes to a greater extent to ensure protection of its tangible information such as trade secrets. Similarly, the company does not permit the use of any competitor’s assets, confidential information or intellectual property.


AMC strives at ensuring the delivery of safe auto products to the customers in the marketplace. To ensure this, the company offers education such as Driving education as a way of improving on the traffic environment.

Environmental preservation

AMC goes to a greater extent of coming up with environmentally friendly auto products. To ensure this, the company dedicates its self towards providing clean and safe vehicle products which enhance the quality of life in all aspects through its activities. Moreover, AMC has established proactive policy and plans which play a major role in assuring continual improvements within its environmental performance especially through “ABS Manufacturing company action plan.”

Corporate communication activities

AMC strives to ensure an open communication with its stakeholders through making timely communication and striving to communicate accurately which enhances the organizations corporate image and transparency.

Enhancing trust within the international society

Based on the fact that AMC is a multinational company, the company strives to create a sustainable society from a broad perspective of the future humanity. As a result, we develop an interest in gaining awareness of local issues through taking part in volunteering activities.

The above codes enhance AMC’s ethics program in that it enhances the company’s image among the members of the society at both local and international levels. Moreover, the code promotes the company’s ethics program in that it guides the behavior of the members of the organization on how to behave in a manner that considers the well being of each other within the organization as well as that of the members of the society.

The Federal Sentencing guidelines for organizations influences AMC’s ethics programs in that it draws a line on the major requirements that the company should focus on as an individual based on the fact that a company has the legal rights of an individual. This means that it can sue or be sued under the common law. As a result all the AMC’s ethical codes are designed to abide by the requirements of the federal guidelines to avoid any form of breach of the federal law.

During the enforcement of the code of conduct, several setbacks and challenges may arise such as commitment problems. The members of AMC may not be committed towards abiding to the requirements of the enforced code especially during the first days after the enforcement of the code of conduct. Environmental problems are also evident in this case scenario. This is based on the fact that most organizations create codes which are environmentally friendly by they end up producing unreal results when it comes to environmental preservation. Gossling (2003) implies that the identified challenges can be avoided through taking practical measures which ensures that engagements are made within the organization’s code of conduct to ensure the delivery of real results.

Hilhorst (2005) states that despite the diverse internal and external environment, an AMC can maintain its code of conduct such that it remains to be effective even in the future through carrying out schedule research and analysis on the changes within the environment and constantly updating the code of conduct to ensure that it caters for all the changing aspects within the dynamic business environment.


AMC require a code of conduct to ensure that the members of the company abide by the Federal Guidelines provided for companies which states that companies are like individuals. Therefore, they can be sued under the federal law if they fail to adhere to the requirements of the law. A code of conduct provides the members of the organization with a guide on how to adhere to requirements such as the corporate social responsibility, legality, and environmental requirements. To ensure that an organization’s corporate responsibility remains effective even in future, constant updates should always be ensured to ensure that the dynamic aspect of the organizational environment is catered for.




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