Economics 213

If the price of graham crackers is $2.50 should firms raise or lower their prices if they want to increase revenue? Explain this in terms of elasticity.




  1. Assume the competitive market shown below faces a short run price of $10. Using the graph below, identify the following:


Profit maximizing output:       _______________________


Approximate mark up over cost _______________________


In the long run, the price falls to $7.50. Why does this happen?


What is the new profit maximizing output? _______________________




  1. A local hardware store is trying to decide whether to stay open. They have found that their industry is extremely competitive and profits have shrunk considerably. Knowing that you have taken an economics course the owners have asked for your opinion. Draw a completely labeled graph to help you explain the shutdown decision. You should show two graphs in your answer, one for the market as a whole, and one for this store in particular. Assume that the store is losing money; however, explain why they may want to stay open for a little while longer. (NOTE: Your answer should be a written explanation of your graph.)


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