1) If a domestic terrorist group wants to create an incident on the scale of the World Trade Center attack of 2001, what do you think would be their choice of tool? Explain your answer in detail, discussing the availability, ease of delivery, and impact of the tool. 2) Read the discussion of nationalism and religious nationalism on page 61 of the textbook. Respond to the following: •What threats do you see in the U.S. from extreme forms of nationalism and from extreme forms of religious nationalism? •Of the two, which do you think is the greater threat in the U.S., and why? •Can you think of any real events that would support your answer? References: Domestic Terrorism and Incident Management – 01 Vohryzek-Bold Terrorism in America – 09 Borgeson The citation and references have to be APA style. These both are discussion questions. Don’t need a cover page etc. Just answer the questions 250 words each question.

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