Do you think that flag burning should be constitutionally protected speech?

Do you think that flag burning should be constitutionally protected speech? What factors did you consider in reaching your determination? Do you agree that freedom of the press should be curtailed for national security reasons? Support your view with examples from current events. What Would You Do? Review a scenario. Then, on the Discussion Board, post your answers to the questions in the scenario. Explain how you would handle the situation in the scenario and why you would take the actions that you propose. Support your answer with examples. Scenario listed below Situation The heat of the summer day is beginning to take their toll on those assembled however both Alpha supporters and Omega opposition members in the crowd becoming more agitated more vocal their gestures are beginning to get more animated and increasingly strong language is being used this escalation in the tensions is clearly getting more physical and has resulted in the crowd pushing to the edge of the speaker Stage. you are the squad officer-in-charge of the 15 officer police detail which has been assigned to ensure that order is maintained .You estimate that approximately 200 out of a total assemble 300.people are apart of the agitated group. Due to other agency committments. there are no other reinforcements local country or state which can be called upon to help you.

Question Based on the provisions of the First Amendment and the caissons or free speech do you allow the office speeches to continue and risk a break out of violence or do you stop the speakers to get them to a safe place and risk in charge that in doing so your agency has violated the office for the speech rights please explain how you would handle this situation and why would you take the actions that you purpose ?support you answer.


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