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Discussion Post; only 1 page needed




A philosopher once observed, “A fish doesn’t know the ocean is blue.”  Most of us don’t realize the extent to which we live in a “global village.”  Let’s step back and try to achieve that realization.


When your Course Developer was a boy, the only foreign car on the road was the VW Bug, and it was widely ridiculed. It was small, uncomfortable, and at a time when gasoline cost $0.17 per gallon, fuel efficiency was not an issue.  Today, most of the cars on the road are built by companies we’d never heard of a half-century ago;  Toyota, Hyundai, Audi, and so forth.  Back in the day, we’d never heard of tofu, sushi, or moo goo gai pan, and pizza was “a big city thing.”  Flying to Europe as a long, bumpy ordeal, with refueling stops in Newfoundland and Ireland.  And so forth.


What changes have you seen in your life, that are attributable to globalization?  Don’t think strictly in terms of products;  review the drivers of globalization covered in the background information, and consider all of them.  Pick a major change, and discuss it.


This is not just a trip down memory lane.  In this posting, as in other postings, you should shamelessly flaunt your detailed understanding of the material covered in this Module.  References aren’t required, but you should at least mention the sources you’re using; i.e., “According to Dye and Stephenson, growth in global markets is a major aspect of globalization.  We’ve seen that in the company I work for … “etc.


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