Discuss issues and challenges unique to each cohort

 Discuss issues and challenges unique to each cohort.  Describe physical fitness testing procedures for each cohort.  Identify precautions for testing within each cohort. Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment: EF310-1: Identify national organizations with certification programs and resource materials for exercise and fitness programs. EF310-2: Discuss the exercise and fitness needs for each age group cohort. Instructions: Unit 6 Self-Assessment Background: Conducting fitness assessments are critical components of developing exercise prescriptions for clients. Before conducting fitness tests, we want to be sure that a client is physically able to complete all tests and if not, make appropriate modifications. Instructions: To complete this Assignment, first read each client’s biography and gather their fitness testing results. Using the information contained therein, you will conduct health-related fitness assessments on each of our four sample clients — Justin, Sally, Jennifer, and Carl — to determine their fitness levels and identify areas for improvement. Answer all Assignment questions below for each of the four clients. Part 1: Discuss Testing Protocols  Thoroughly describe each test used to assess aerobic, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, and body composition for each client. Be sure to discuss each test’s purpose and testing protocols. Part 2: Challenges/Precautions  Does the client have any issues or challenges that prevent him/her from performing any of the fitness tests? Do you need to modify any of the tests?  Identify each client’s cohort keeping in mind they may belong to more than one cohort (example: older adult, diabetic, obese). When conducting fitness assessments for clients in that cohort, what are general safety precautions/instructions to consider? Part 3: Fitness Testing Results and Goals Discuss each client’s fitness assessment results for all tests: aerobic, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, body mass index, and body composition (optional). In your discussion, include their score (percentile) compared to others in their age group.  Identify a goal for improvement for each fitness area (aerobic, muscular strength/endurance, BMI, and body composition). Project must be in APA format and utilize references. Expected length is at least 4 pages

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