Diploma of Business Management

1 Diploma of Business Management (Level 7) BUS 6722: Global Business Communication Term 4, 2015 Level 6 Credits 15 Assessment 1 Assignment: Essay Weighting 30 % Due Date End of Week 5 Marks available 60 marks Instructions: 1. Ensure your name, student ID and date is entered on this page. 2. Read the instructions carefully. 3. You are not allowed to present or hand in the same or similar assignment or report of another individual. This will be regarded as cheating and will be marked 0. 4. Prepare a written essay of 1,000 – 1,500 words 5. Report Due: Week 5 (Friday, 8 November 2015, 12pm) 6. Please use following formatting guidelines for submitting the completed assignment:  Font Size : 12  Font Type : Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri  Line space : 1.15 , 1.50  Headings size: 14, 16 7. Conditions: Individual Assignment 8. You must complete each task on your own and are allowed access to workbooks, exercises, handouts, notes or internet sources. 9. If you are unsure of any task, consult your tutor and they will try to clarify the task for you. 10. Report needs to be individual work of each student. Anything that is not your own work must be acknowledged through referencing. 11. APA 6 th Edition referencing and citation must be provided. 12. Assignments must be submitted to ‘Turnitin’ before the due date with the deadline as stated above. 2 Student Undertaking: I have read and understood the instructions for this individual assignment. Student Name Student ID Student Signature Date Assessor Name Total Marks /60 Assessor Signature 30% Weighting /30% Learning Outcomes assessed: 1. Learning Outcome One (LO 1) – Analyse the role of communication in a global workplace 2. Learning Outcome Two (LO 5) – Analyse how to overcome communication barriers in different cultural settings 3. Learning Outcome Three (LO 6) – Explore and identify means of interpersonal communication About Assessment 1  Required presentation style: Academic Essay (headings allowed).  Follow a clear academic essay structure (introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion).  Word count to be reflected at the end of essay.  Minimum 8 citations and references required (APA 6th edition). 3 Research instruction Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between interpersonal communication and global workplace communication with a focus on: – how to develop both types of communication effectively to – overcome barriers in different cultural settings in the global workplace. Justify your answer with specific researched examples. Assessor notes: Assessor’s interpretation and application of the Marking Guide / Rubric: – Be fair and reasonable – Don’t over-interpret or apply too meticulously – find the most applicable mark – Measure against your interpretation of acceptable and required standards for level 6 and 7 undergraduate New Zealand students A few marking notes / words to support the application of the Marking Guide / Rubric: – Excellent, well-structured, great application, well expressed argument, well done on ….. – A bit unclear, Unclear statement, Grammar needs revision – Structure and lay-out: revision needed – Poorly expressed statement, This section needs revision – Plagiarised work, Citation / Referencing missing – etc. Suggested format to use for marks communication to students (last 2 pages) – Aim: to provide students with a detailed insight on the academic requirements of Level 6 and 7 undergraduate programs – Support and justify the assessor’s opinion and marks awarded

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