Digital Evidence Recovery

Select any 3 devices which can contain digital evidence from page 278 and explain the specific challenges relating to each in terms of digital evidence recovery. How could these devices by modified to allow for more effective recovery of information?• Personal computers • Computer media, disks, CDs, DVDs, etc. • Portable storage media such as universal serial bus (USB) memory sticks, compact flash cards, XD media, thumb drives • Cellular phones or similar all-in-one devices • Personal digital assistants (PDAs) • Pagers • BlackBerry and other wireless devices • Digital still cameras and digital video cameras • Digital voice recorders • MP3 players/portable media players • Portable video players • Devices that combine two or more of the preceding functions

A high-tech computer investigator will use a forensic software package in order to gather data from a system (e.g., a computer or computer network) without altering the data on that system. Describe three forensic software tools, including the information they provide and the cost of the package/service (if any).


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