Describe some of the programs’ special applications and tell the reader how to receive additional information. Be specific in your descriptions

1. You work for ABC Corporation, Fort Madison, Iowa 52622, producer of educational software. Write a letter to be sent to the heads of all business schools in the area, inviting them to inquire about your latest software packages. Describe some of the programs’ special applications and tell the reader how to receive additional information. Be specific in your descriptions. This is your chance to be creative, in addition to using correct letter formatting.

2. You are employed by American Associates, Inc., 3 Some Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122. Your boss, Jacqueline Austin, 2 Any Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331, has not been in the office for several days, and it has just been announced that her mother died. Since Ms. Austin will not be returning to work for a week or two, write a letter to express your condolence.

3. As secretary to the Labor Grievances Committee of the Slate and Johnson Luggage Company, you must prepare the minutes of the monthly meeting held on September 23. At the meeting, you took the following notes:

1. Called to order 4 P.M., employees’ cafeteria, by Mr. Falk 2. Presiding: Mr. Falk; Present: Mr. Baum, Ms. Dulugatz, Mr. Fenster, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Penn; Absent: Mr. Sun. 3. Correction made in minutes of previous meeting (August 21): Ms. Dulugatz, not Ms. Penn, to conduct study of employee washroom in warehouse. Approved and corrected. 4. Mr. Fenster presented results of survey of office employees. Most frequent complaints agreed on. Fenster to arrange to present these complaints to Board of Directors. 5. Report on condition of warehouse employee washrooms presented by Ms. Dulugatz. Accepted with editorials revision. 6. Adjourned 5:15 P.M. Next meeting at same time and place on October 22.

1.Name the seven coordinators: 2.Change the following adjective to an adverb: silent 3.Change the following adjective to an adverb: excited 4.Change the following adjective to an adverb: correct 5.Change the following adjective to an adverb: good 6.Combine these sentences using a coordinator: At first she felt relieved. She doesn’t know what to do. 7.Define “Compound Subject.” 8.Define “Indefinite Pronouns.” 10.Name the five principal parts of the verb. 11. Change this sentence from present tense to past tense: The Mayor keeps an appointment book to keep track of her daily schedule. 12.The two principle uses of Subjective Pronouns are as: 13.What is the difference between WHO and WHOM? 14.Use WHO correctly in a sentence. 15.Use WHOM correctly in a sentence. 16.Explain what a Parallel Sentence is. 17.Rewrite the following sentence correcting any faulty parallelism: Latoya succeeded because of her children’s understanding, her husband’s support, because she had her family’s respect. 18.Rewrite the following letter to make it more courteous, concise and “you oriented.” Dear Ms. Fredrick:


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