Descartes Cogito

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  1. Explain the significance of Descartes’ Cogito: “I think, therefore I am.” Your essay should include discussions of
    1. The large epistemological project in which Descartes was engaged, and why, in the context of that project he thought the Cogito was so important
    2. The significance of certainty and doubt in that project, and its relationship to how and when beliefs are justified
    3. The three arguments that Descartes gives before he arrives at the Cogito, and what they were designed to show
    4. An assessment of those arguments, with consideration given to whether or not you agree with Descartes about, for instance
      1. Whether you can tell or rule out the possibility that you are dreaming
      2. Whether you can tell or rule out the possibility that you are currently in the Matrix or some other computer simulation
  • Why the Cogito is relevant to these possibilities


Keep writing level to an undergrad level please



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