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Module 5 Written Assignment . 1.Go to the following web site and read the Principles of Effective Treatment: www.drugabuse.gov/PODAT/podatindex.html ◦In your own words, describe the thirteen principles of effective treatment.

2.Read the in-service training packet for TIP 35 located in Module Notes. Develop an outline; include the learning objectives and the topics to be covered. Answer the following questions: ◦How might training like this help you in developing effective counseling skills? ◦Why is motivational counseling so important? ◦What was the most important aspect of this training program to you?

3.Go to the following web site and read one of the articles (sections) in Approaches to Drug Abuse Counseling: ◦http://archives.drugabuse.gov/ADAC/ADAC1.html Write a 250 word summary of the topic in your own words.

4.Describe and give an example of an antagonist and agonist drug used in pharmacotherapy

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