Criminal Courts and Professional Ethics

Step 1 Describe a criminal justice profession within the court system from the perspective of its role and function. You should identify the criminal justice profession that will serve as the basis of your course project. This section of the project should also specifically define the profession, as well as its role and function within the court process. The role overview section of the course project should be approximately two-pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. It is anticipated that you will have at least two resources to support material presented in this section of the project paper.

Step 2 Present an annotated bibliography of the resources that have been identified for use in the final paper. The annotated bibliography may also include any resources utilized in part one of the Course Project. The annotated bibliography must include a minimum of six scholarly resources that you plan to utilize in the research paper. Each resource must be formatted per APA (6th ed.) guidelines and include a brief description of the information included in the resource and why it is relevant to the research project. You will be allowed to utilize more scholarly resources in the final research paper as appropriate. The intent of the annotated bibliography is to demonstrate that you are headed in the right direction with the research for the paper.

Step 3 The final Course Project will consist of the following components: 1. definition of the selected role and function it provides in the court system (part one submitted in Unit III); 2. identification and discussion of the qualifications required for an individual in the selected role; 3. identification and evaluation of the interactions the selected role has with at least three other criminal justice professions involved with the court system; 4. identification and evaluation of potential ethical concerns or issues that the selected role might encounter during the course of its court duties; and 5. conclusion section that summarizes material covered in the paper. The final paper for the Course Project should be 7–10 pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. A minimum of six scholarly resources will be required.

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