creating gui and dictionary

You will need to create a console-based application whose Main() method accepts ten integer values from the user and stores them in an array. Next, create a method that determines and displays the smallest and largest of the ten values. Then, pass the array to the method.

Save the file as SmallAndLarge.cs.

Next, create a GUI application whose button’s Click() method accepts ten integer values from a TextBox and stores them in an array that is declared above the Click() method. After the ten entries have been made, call a method that sorts and displays the ten values from smallest to largest.

Save the file as SmallAndLargeGUI.cs. / Create an application in which a user can enter a phone book entry, including the following elements:

First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, e-mail address (add additional elements as desired) Include a search criteria based on last name or any of the elements created for your phone book entries in order to retrieve the information requested. You may use MS Access as your database to store and retrieve from the data of your phone book entries.

Be sure to include a write-up with your assignment describing the difference of procedural code versus the use of procedural programming conceptually as used in various program languages.

Save the project as DatabaseTools.cs.

Embed the program in a Microsoft Word document.

Cite any sources in APA format on a separate page


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