Creating a development and management team for a coalition

pdf document is the study.

“case study rubric” document shows the rubric and with it the context in which the answer whould be written

“case study questions” document includes the actual questions that need answering in essay form with at least 2 sources (1 of the sources need to be the text “organizational behavior” by Stephen Robbins annd Timothy Judge.

I need about ½ – 2/3 of a page per question. I need at least 2 sources per question. One source for each question should be “Organizational Behavior” 15th edition, by Stephen Robbins and Timothy Judge, the other source should be any other credible, preferably scholarly source.


Please include citations in APA format, and use a 12 pt, single spaced Arial font.



  • 1.The development team will be more effective if members have some idea about how groups and teams typically operate. Review the dominant perspectives on team formation and performance from the chapters in the book for the committee so it can know what to expect.
  • 2.Given the profiles of candidates for the development team, provide suggestions for who would likely be a good group member and who might be less effective in this situation. Be sure you are using the research on groups and teams in the textbook to defend your choices.
  • 3.Using principles from the chapters on groups and teams, describe how you will advise the team to manage conflict effectively.
  • 4.Describe how integrative negotiation strategies might achieve joint goals for the development team.

The following points should help you form a message for the program team:

  • 1.Leaders of the new combined organization should have a good idea of the culture of the school district, the NCPIE, and the Woodson Foundation because they will need to manage relationships with all three groups on an ongoing basis. How would you describe the culture of these various stake-holder organizations? Use concepts from the chapter on organizational culture to describe how they differ and how they are similar.
  • 2.Consider how leaders of the new program can generate a transformational message and encourage employee and parent trust. Using material from the chapter on leadership, describe how you would advise leaders to accomplish these ends.


  • 3.Given the potential for demographic fault lines in negotiating these changes, what would you advise as a strategy for managing diversity issues for program leaders?


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