Consider the market for corn in the United States

Scenario 1 (length: as needed) Consider the market for corn in the United States. Suppose that the mandated percentage of ethanol in gasoline is increased and at the same time a corn blight destroys a significant portion of the corn crop.

Using a supply and demand diagram, show what happens to the equilibrium quantity and price of corn in the United States. Explain why you are moving the curve(s) that you are? Using a supply and demand diagram, show how the changes in the corn market would affect the market for wheat (a substitute for corn). Scenario 2 (length: one paragraph)

During the housing crash in 2008, housing prices fell, and the number of new houses sold in the United States also fell. The link to “New One Family Houses Sold” does not include existing house sales, but assume that existing house sales fell as well. Using the supply and demand analysis described in the text starting on page 103 (section 8.6), would the observations of the housing market be explained by a shift of the demand curve, the supply curve, or both? Would the demand and supply increase, decrease or remain the same?

Scenario 3 (length: 0.5 page) A pet store is considering adding an employee discount of 25% off anything in the store to the benefits the employees already receive. What are the long-run implications of adding this benefit to the wages that its employees receive and to the type of applicants that the pet store attracts?


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