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Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed to convey the information from the Microsoft Word Project to an audience. The audience for this assignment is a group of your peers who are unfamiliar with the issue you are presenting. Please note that students must complete the Microsoft Word Project Assignment before starting this project. Content Requirements This assignment will reuse much of the content created for the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment, but shortened and formatted properly for a presentation. This presentation should:  contain a title slide including your full name, title of presentation (which may or may not be different than the title of your paper for the Microsoft Word Project Assignment), course and section number, instructor’s name, and the date  include at least ten slides of content (this does not include the title slide, bibliography slide, or final closing slide of the presentation). This content should: o include one or more slides introducing the issue you wrote about in the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment o include slides that describe all sides of the issue o follow good presentation design principles. Search the Web for credible resources that identify guidelines for creating good presentations, and adhere to those guidelines. o include at least one image (a photo or clipart) that helps explain a concept in your presentation and add visual appeal. Please note that images should not be used to replace information that should be conveyed in text format, but instead to help supplement the text in your slides  include citations, where appropriate, for content you pull from other sources (please note that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a References tab, so you will need to enter the citations manually)  include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) slide that lists your sources. These sources most likely will be the same as your sources for the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment. In addition, you must cite the source you used to research good presentation design principles. Please note that Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a References tab, so you will need to enter the information on this slide manually. Do not copy and paste this information from your Word document.  include a final, closing slide in your presentation wrapping up the presentation. This should appear as the last slide, after the Works Cited/Bibliography slide Technical Requirements In addition to meeting the content requirements for this assignment, you also will need to demonstrate your proficiency of Microsoft PowerPoint by applying the following formatting

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