Comparative Analysis of Systemic Crises

Choose from crisis/hostage situations or natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, floods)

Choose from  human-made disasters (e.g., terrorism, war, fires);

Choose from public health disasters (e.g., SARS, Legionnaire’s outbreak, flu pandemic).

Select two specific systemic crisis situations. Each must represent a different type as listed above.

Pay particular attention to the unique and shared characteristics of the two systemic crisis situations you selected, especially their breadth of impact. Also focus on the crisis intervention strategies utilized for both types of crises and the ways in which they vary and are similar to one another.

Use any additional Learning Resources relevant to your selections (i.e., articles or video programs) that might assist you in understanding the similarities and differences between the two systemic crises you selected and the intervention strategies utilized for each.

The APA assignment (2–3 pages): not including title and reference page

Briefly describe the two specific systemic crises you have selected.

•Explain how the two crises are similar and how they are different,including their breadth of impact.

•Explain what insights you have or conclusions you can draw based on the comparison.

•Describe at least two crisis intervention strategies that could be used in each crisis and explain how and why they might be used.

Describe the similarities and differences between these two sets of intervention strategies, and explain any insights you have or conclusions you can draw based on this comparison.



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