community health issue

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Discussion 1,

A description of the most likely key stakeholders and constituencies related to your Final Project community health issue, and explain why you chose them. Then, propose at least two strategies for engaging and organizing community partners (stakeholders) and explain how you would apply these strategies. What would you anticipate as challenges? In other words, what would you foresee as barriers to opportunities in engaging and organizing communities? Explain why these challenges and barriers might exist. Be specific and provide examples

2015-06-24 23:09

Discussion 2


Critiquing Use of Theory in Research Articles

Last week, you worked to understand theory and its role and importance in research. This week, the first four weeks of the course come together when you critique the use of theory in a research article.

Special Note: Your Instructor has assigned you to one of two articles in your discipline, referred to as Article A or Article B. One of these is quantitative and one is qualitative, although you have not been told which is which—this is something you will discover for this Discussion. Your program selected these articles as they are good examples of research articles for your discipline.

For next week’s Discussion, you will use the same article again. Then, in Discussion for Weeks 6 and 7, you will use the other article. In other words, if you are assigned Article A for this week and the next, you will switch and use Article B in Weeks 6 and 7.

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