It is fair to say that Western European culture has been heavily influenced by Greek (and Roman interpretations) myth and mythology. For this asisgnment we will accept that as true, in particular as regards litertaure. For this assignment you will select a single author, playwright or poet whose work demonstrates the influence of Greek myth and mythology. You will then use the individual’s work (whether a single piece or corpus of work is your choice) to illustrate the relationship.

While some modern popular authors may take refernces from the Classical Tradition, others – far more substantial and influential individuals – reveal a far more significant influence. The nature of the comparison you draw is important; differentiate between what is simply fascinating allusion and what is the profound transmission of a cultural tradition. These are different things, and the latter is more in the spirit of the assignment. It is for you to weigh this comparison; it is, in fact, the first part of the assignment. Some of the greats of Western literature have been steeped in the great tradition of Graeco-Roman antiquity, and their work cannot be properly and fully appreciated without appreciating that context. This is very different than the use of a few allusions to Greek myth. Consider these points well. The Classical Tradition is one of profound cultural and intellectual importance; be certain that the comparison you make appreciates this significance.

2000 words (exclusive of notes, bibliography)

2x space (one-sided)

number pages consecutively (do not number title page)Include title page

12 point Times New Roman font

include bibliography

use footnotes, in-text-citations as required


1 main text

5 contemporary sources

3 ancient sources

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