Christianity Verses Islam

Christianity and Islam are the world’s primary Monotheistic religion. They hold and share the same heritage in many ways. Many people believe and follow these two religions. However, many similarities and differences have been registered that exist between the two faiths.
Based on their similarities, both Islam and Christianity have its roots from Judaism. They are primarily the same continuations of the religion. Because of this fact, the two religions share very distinctive similarities. Although Islam can be said to be close to Judaism, there exist many similarities with the religion of Christianity.
The two religions genuinely believe that God created the universe and the first humans created were Adam and Eve. Christianity and Islam both believe that Eve committed the first sin by picking from the forbidden tree. She later gave the forbidden apple to Adam. Most Christians believe that this was the first, and original sin committed and primarily blame the larger group of women as the cause of this sin. Their fundamental thinking goes deeper by accepting the fact that women suffer labor pain during childbirth as punishment for their sins. In Islam, the concept of the first sin is rejected. Although Christians, in general, hold the opinion that we were born with a definite tendency based on sin, the Muslims believe that every human being is born free from sin.
The two faiths believe that there is only one God. For Islam, this fact is a very strict Monotheism as opposed to Christianity, which holds a different view on this matter. Most Christians believe that they are closer to Monolatry that contains many expressions of the one God in this case with the Holy Trinity, which holds the fact based on the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, which is the essence, based on the creation. For a few Christians, they view Jesus Christ as being the divine being and not God. This, according to many is a soft Polytheism, if they hold the views that Jesus is equal to God or Henotheism if Jesus Christ is under God. Although the bible in the Old Testament expressly acknowledges Monotheism, Christians primarily take most views from the New Testament. Because of this fact, they do not follow the strict Monotheism although most of them hold the fact that they are Monotheists.
One notable difference between Christianity and Islam is their contrasting opinion based on Jesus Christ. To the Christians, Jesus is the Divine Son of God (Ally, n.d.). They hold that he is the son of God, and he is part of God, which has proved as a long mystery with Christianity. The Muslims do not accept this fact. They believe that he was only a prophet, but never the Son of God (Catchpoole, n.d.).
The second notable difference is based on Muhammad and the whole Quran. The larger Muslim faith believes that God revealed the Quran to Muhammad. They hold the fact that he was the last prophet sent by God. The Christians have never accepted this truth and view that Muhammad was a prophet who was divinely inspired by God.
The third primary difference is that the two distinct faiths do not hold the same views on their vision based on the nature of God. The Muslim religion believes that there only exist one God and that the God does not have the distinct parts (Sound Vision, 2002). However, this case is different with the Christians, they believe that God is only one, but he is made up of three persons. The parts include God the Father, The Son, who is Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost.
Although the two faiths hold different opinions, their importance can never be underestimated. They have established a place in the hearts of many human beings. Their existence moves the whole society closer to purity and towards the greater understanding of God. All the differences and similarities are the greater preparation for the age of Messianic.


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