Business Plan Practice

The goal of the final project for this course is to develop a business idea into an original business plan. To complete the business plan due in Week Five, you will be assigned a part of the process. Work on each part as assigned each week.

The business plan should represent the merits of a business venture in a real business environment. As you prepare your business plan, ask yourself these questions:

· Does this business plan do justice to my dreams and goals of owning a business?

· If I saw this business plan presented by someone else, would I be interested and eager to participate and invest in the project?

Resources: Appendix 2—Sample Student Business Plan—and Appendix 3—Advanced Business Plan—in Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business

Note. The sample student business plan in Appendix 2 is generic and may not apply to all business ventures.

Refer to Appendix 2 as a sample and Appendix 3 as a format guide.

Complete the following sections of your final project—Business Plan Practice. See Ch. 2 of Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Businessfor more information on what should be included in each section.

· Your Business Idea

· Economics of One Unit

· Evaluating Your Business Idea

· Your Goals

· Technology

· Core Beliefs

· Competitive Advantage

International Opportunities

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