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This assignment is to develop, through individual and group participation, the ability to analyse; evaluate; research; plan and manage the design and construction of a major project. Please note treat this development as fictitious, do not contact the local Council – the project has been chosen and it is described purely for the purpose of the major assignment in 700071 in 2015 T3.

Type of Development

The development comprises a commercial gymnasium complex on two levels, with associated male and female changing rooms, reception and café areas, off-street parking and landscaping. Provision is also made for lockers, an accessible toilet and a small store room.

It is to be built in Rockhampton, in tropical mid-Queensland. The site has had some contour modifications forapreviousoccupancyandnotablytheretainingwalltoeasternandnorthernboundaries. Aspresented, there is a fall of approximately 2m from south to the northern retaining wall on the road frontage, and a cross-fall of approximately 1.4m from the street on the eastern frontage to the western property boundary. Please refer to the site drawings on vUWS. Assume the existing dwelling has been demolished.

Existing single-storey residential homes and detached garages are located on the southern and western boundariesofthesiteandmustremainoccupiedthroughouttheconstructionofthisbuilding. Protection and construction logistics will need to be considered in this regard, especially in terms of minimising acoustics and vibrations during normal construction times. Assume that your main access for deliveries will be via the street (eastern elevation) and that traffic to the road frontage (northern elevation) will be taken as “heavy usage” as the street is the main road in the town. Assume that construction zone(s) will be approved by the local authority and must be retained and continue to operate during construction. All interior fit-out, ceilings, floor finishes, services etc., will be included in your timing, as will the landscaping and the car park area.

Refer vUWS for the DA floor plans, roof plan, elevations and section for the proposed development including drawings numbered DA-101, DA-102, DA-103, DA-201, DA-202 and DA-301.


It will be necessary to form a group of maximum 6, minimum 4 students to undertake the assignment in 700071. Groups will be formed in your tutorial group’s, in your regular timeslots. You are to nominate one person in the group who will act as Project Manager. This person will have the role to ensure each task is completed by the submission deadlines. Excuse(s) for non-compliance will not be entertained.

Building 2 T3

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Each group must analyse the desired construction systems (as annotated on the drawings) and provide:

(a) (b) (c) (d) (e)

All this

1. 2.

a preliminary budget cost for the project, based on current and commercially available cost data – task due Week 3
a preliminary time schedule for the project development from DA to hand-over using hand-drawn or computer based (MS Project or similar) Gantt chart, – task due Week 4

reproduce a ArchiCAD drawing of this building or using similar computer graphics, or a scaled hand drawing of this building – task due Week 5
a recommendation for a project delivery method, giving clear reasoning for the desired pro-forma contract – task due Week 6,

detailed specification for two building systems plus one fit-out trade in Reception or the Caf̩ area Рtask due Week 7, and
information must be presented in a logical sequence in two formats:

in a written report, – task due Week 9, before the Christmas break, and
as a verbal and visual (PowerPoint) presentation to fellow students in your allocated tutorial timeslots – task due Weeks 10 or 11, after the Christmas break.

page2image11808 page2image11968

Some assumptions will be necessary, especially where the drawings do not make clear the actual dimensions. You are to determine an appropriate scale for this project. Professional answers will be expected regarding the proposals in these key areas:

  • Civil works (your group will determine what needs to be undertaken to the existing contours – Foundations and footing systems, including detail as to why the system was chosen – Wall systems
  • Roofing system
  • Suspended floor systems and stairs
  • Fit-out to the Reception and Café areas

    Note: Where finishes are already noted on the drawings or in the schedule, your role in this assignment is to produce a fully compliant submission. Consequently, accept what is requested and do not provide alternatives.

    Assignment requirements
    Note: This is a group task including individual portions and a final presentation and report submission. Individual Task 1 (10% of the marks available in 700071)

    Each group will consist of no more than 6 members. One group member will be designated Project Manager (Proj Mgt) and each of remaining group members will nominate the particular objective (a) to (e) for which they will be responsible. These names will be formally submitted by the person nominated as Project Manager by Week 3 in your tutorial class.

    The individual tasks (a) to (e) above, will be due in the respective tutorials that you attend in the applicable weeks as noted above, and be awarded a mark out of 10. The requirements for each task will be discussed in tutorials and the aim is to “get started” and be interactively involved in the development of your particular submission. Time is extremely limited, so make the most of the tutorials. Be proactive in determining what will constitute a satisfactory submission

    The Project Manager will be awarded a mark out of 10 relating to (a) the submission of group names, and (b) how the group has performed in terms of achieving target dates, its ability to cooperate harmoniously and the final report which is a compilation of all individual submissions as well as presentation of the PowerPoint, after the Christmas break.

    No word guide as tasks vary – this will be discuss in tutorials concerning suitable submission format

    Group Task – Written Report (30% of the marks available in 700071)

    The purpose of the group submission is to present, as an entity and in a professional manner, the 5 individual objectives(a)to(e)thathavepreviouslybeensubmittedasindividualtask1. Timehasbeenset-asideduring the tutorials for you to ask questions and show the progressive development of your proposal. Please use this time efficiently. Submission is due and to be handed-in at Week 9 tutorials.

    As a guide, minimum 2,000 words plus diagrams, photos and drawings.

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Individual Task 2 (10% of the marks available in 700071)

Your group will be required to present your development to your peers in your respective tutorial timeslots. The lecturer and tutor will judge your performance as an individual presenter “as part of the team presentation” and award an applicable mark for this component of assessment. These presentations will take place in your tutorials in Weeks 10 and 11.

As a guide, an individual’s contribution is not to exceed 5 minutes of an overall 30 minute presentation.

Learning Outcomes Addressed

  • Analysis and description of construction techniques
  • Analysis and description of materials handling requirements. Effective communication in both

    written and spoken format


    This assignment in various components is worth 50% of the overall marks in 700071.

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