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Original post: Case Study: Wanda is a new Christian who has been planning to open a business with a life-long friend who is not a believer. Wanda has heard that somewhere in Corinthians it says that Christians should not enter a business partnership with an unbeliever. Not wanting to violate the teachings of the Bible, she has decided to form a corporation with her lost friend instead of a partnership.

However, Wanda still feels a little nervous about the situation. She comes to you for Christian advice. Does this verse prohibit her from forming a corporation with her lost friend? What about an LLC?

In considering this, Wanda remembers that she also has some stock in General Motors Corporation. She is pretty sure that GM has some unbelievers who are shareholders in GM. She is wondering whether this passage should lead her to sell her stock in GM as well.

Refer to the Assignment Instructions folder of the course for general directions. You should either use the words “Prohibits” or “Does Not Prohibit” in the subject line of your discussion board post, depending upon your conclusion. Do not use attachments as these are cumbersome and inhibit the discussion process.

What the student had to say about the above post: * *reply to renfro’s post

I would say that creating a business with a friend who is not a believer is prohibited by 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. A little over a year ago a friend of mine and I created a business together. We became successful quickly and as we grew our intentions and desires were completely different. Also in specific situations my partner quickly wanted to sue or get legal counseling involved. This difference in beliefs led to our dissolve; my partner bought me out and we parted ways.

I would recommend that she not go into a partnership with a friend and especially a friend who is not a believer. Major situations will want to be handled differently and cause problems in the partnership.

If she creates a LLC she may be able to have a higher position in the company which would allow her to make the final decisions; however her friend may not like this idea and want equal ownership. I think that is when 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 is used as great advice to not get into partnerships with a non-believer.

I would advise her not to sell her stock with GM. I believe that the bible is referring to Christians not having to make decisions in their business with non-believers. She is not going to be making decisions for GM. However if GM started to do things against what the bible says; I would then advise her to sell her stock. Selling stock just because other non-believers have stock would be like us quitting our job because non-believers work there.

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers” (bible). Yoked can also be “bound”. I do not believe that Wanda is bound with stock. She can get out of it any time.

However being in a partnership with a non-believer or starting a corporation may keep her financially bound or even legally bound.

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