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I’m looking for a financial analysis of a corporation. I would need an American company registered to issue stock. I need something simple about an easy company, like a food company to compare to another food company, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi or McDonalds and Burger King. Ideally I would need the 2014 annual reports for this. Once you have the financial statements you need to do a financial analysis on them. Use reason analysis, tendency analysis as well as other tools for analysis and interpretation. The professor suggested Yahoo Finance to retrieve the information.

Maybe some of you have already done this for other students, if so, this would be super easy as long as the financial analysis includes the following:

I. Corporation profile

a. Full name

b. Date it was founded

c. Founder name

d. Address of Headquarters

e. Industrial sector

i. Characteristics of that industrial sector

ii. Main competitors

f. Products and/or services that corporation provides

g. Number of employees

h. Countries where that corporation have offices

i. Other useful facts

II. Financial information

a. Financial statements

i. Income Statement

ii. Balance Sheet

iii. Statement of Cash Flows

b. Auditor opinions or recommendations

i. Explain that opinion or recommendation

III. Financial Analisys

a. This information can be presented in graphs or tables

i. Statistical Data

1. Financial reasons

a. Computations

b. analisys

c. recommendations

2. Tendency analisys

a. Computations

b. analisys

c. recommendations

ii. Other statistics

IV. Conclusion and recommendations

a. Based on your analisys, present your conclusions on the financial position of the corporation and your conclusions from a management point of view and their investors.

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