Biography of Sigmund Freud

For each of the following, explain the development and outcomes of the Sigmund Freud’s life in terms of the appropriate constructs, processes, and theories of development. Address as many of the ages and stages as possible and which are relevant.

• Explain the Sigmund Freud’s life in terms of nature/nurture influences. • Provide an analysis of the role cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development/changes played in the person’s life. • Explain major milestones and turning points in the Sigmund Freud’s life with the theories that best explain each. Include both classical and contemporary theories and use as many as is fitting. • Explain the impact of diversity* on Sigmund Freud’s life (success, lack of success, struggles, challenges, decisions, etc.). . • *Diversity includes gender, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.


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