Art history discussion

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What can art tell us about the deities of ancient religions and do you think there could be worship of a deity without the aid of art or architecture? Find some examples both in ancient religions and in your own experience.

Can art become a form of prayer or expression of a prayer? (For the purposes of this discussion, the notion of prayer is not attached to any particular religion.)

Compare the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1982, by Maya Lin (p. 294) with Weldon’s Marine Corps Memorial (p. 293). Which memorial holds more meaning for you and why? Does either one become a form of prayer for you?

What can you learn about a culture by studying its tombs? How are tombs and memorials used for political and social purposes?

In what ways can art be used in the service of the state and rulers? Many of the images in this chapter were used for propaganda purposes. Do you see images or tools of propaganda today? Give examples.

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