Applications: Retention – Deciding to Act

Case Study 6- Due Wednesday, 1 July @ 1159pm


The statements in each Case Study must be at least 3-5 pages of text, supported by at least 1 scholarly source, with an APA-formatted references list and in-text citations. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM


Chapter 14, “Applications: Retention – Deciding to Act”: answer questions 1–5.


  1. For the three primary causes of voluntary turnover (desirability of leaving, ease of leaving, alternatives), might their relative importance depend on the type of employee or type of job? Explain.
  2. Which of the costs and benefits of voluntary turnover are most likely to vary according to type of job? Give examples.
  3. If someone said to you, “It’s easy to reduce turnover- just pay people more money,” what would your response be?
  4. Why should an organization seek to retain employees with performance or discipline problems? Why not just fire them?
  5. Discuss some potential problems with downsizing as an organization’s first response to a need to cut labor costs.
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