A Perspective on HR Strategic Influence

On page 29 of the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report “Key Trends in Human Capital 2012: A Global Perspective,” author Richard Phelps writes: “Despite the improvements in human capital reporting, it’s clear that there is still a lot to be done. PwC’s annual award for ‘people reporting’ in the UK’s largest companies, (reference: Building Public Trust Awards UK) for instance, showed that only 33% of companies set out a clear link between their people strategy and business strategy, and only 4% referred to the ROI delivered by their workforce.”

Discuss the following:

  • Is Phelps’s statement applicable to “HR functions” in the United States?
  • How does the apparent lack of alignment or linkage between people strategy and business strategy impact an organization’s ethics? What special concerns should leaders have?
  • Identity three findings within the PwC report that relate to your company’s HRM/HC policy and practices.
  • From the perspective of a Director of HR tasked with preparing an executive summary for your company’s Board of Directors, briefly identify 3–5 key points from the findings of the PwC report that might affect your company’s HR strategy, polices, and procedures.
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