Management Team and Manufacturing Operations Plan


  • An outline of the planned geographic location of your business, as well as what types of facilities your business needs. If yours is a manufacturing business, you will outline what you will produce and what you will purchase as components to your finished product. Discuss your control systems for inventory, purchasing, and production.
  • If your business is a service business, focus on your location, overhead, and labor force productivity.
  • Discuss your management team. What technical skills, business skills, and experience do the members of your management team have? How do the skills of the team complement each other? Include in this milestone a brief job description of each key member of the management team.
  • Your outline should include an organizational chart, and resumes of key managers may be included.
  • You should also discuss how the key managers will be compensated.
  • Finally, you should outline which management training your key leaders may have had and what type of training might still be needed.
  • This milestone should be from 800–1000 words in length.
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