You will interview a friend or family member. The interview should last between 15-25 minutes. The interview should either be about a topic of real concern to the subject or they can make one up if they are not comfortable. Make sure the subject understands that you are not an experienced interviewer and the interview is NOT counseling, but is simply to help you learn interviewing skills. Be sure to take notes both before and immediately after the interview so you can remember key points in order to include them in your paper. You also may tape the interview to use as your own personal guide however; you need to make sure the subject understands that you are recording.

You will write a 6-8 page paper in APA format covering the following topics. Your paper must include a title page and a reference page. The content must be between 6-8 pages. You must make scholarly connections to the points listed below. It is not enough to just state your opinion,You must use at least 3additionalsources (at least two scholarly source, such as scholarly or peer reviewed journals).DO NOT use websites that are not scholarly.

  • Use of open/closed questions
  • Attending Behavior
  • Encouraging, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
  • Reflection of feelings
  • Use (or nonuse) of the five stage interview structure
  • Focusing
  • Interpretation and Reframing

Make sure you cover how you employed (or not) all of the topics above. Be honest in the paper, it is not as important if you managed to use all of the skills, but that you understand where you “should have” and the reasons why. Use the notes or recording of the interview to include examples in the paper.

The introductory paragraph should explain who you interviewed and the topic that was discussed. The final paragraph should be a detailed summary of your overall natural interviewing style and possible areas where you will need work. Late papers will receive a 20 point deduction per day.



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