Communicating for Results

please write according to the instructions in the word file uploaded.

Refer to the textbook “COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS”.

Total 4 pages.

The 2-page presentation should be written based on the guidelines.

due in 20 hours.

8.1 Techniques


Top ten slide tips:


10/40 rule:


Presentation Zen: (Note: see “popular posts” scroll down and check at right)


List 3-5 specific techniques from Chapter 13 that you can put to work in your presentations. Briefly explain how they will be useful (one page).


8.2 Persuasive presentations

The ethics of infographics:


List the factors/theories necessary to make your presentations persuasive and pinpoint at least two practical tips each provides for the persuasive speaker (half page).


8.3 Citing

Post your method plans for citing evidence in your upcoming presentation (half page).



8.4 Presentation

Post your final presentation via video to the Discussion Board or via scheduled and recorded Skype. Make sure to address the items listed in the assignment information.

Write a 2-page speech (about 600 words) including all the factors mentioned before. It is a 5-minute-presentation; please include everything that will be in the presentation.


I will post the links of other two students’ presentations, you’ll need to write feedback for each of the presentation.

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