3.4 Discussion Creationism or Evolution?

1.Review Chapter 8 of the text, A Christian Philosophical Journey (CPJ).
2.Navigate to the threaded discussion below and respond to the following:
3.Explain the validity each type of approach (revelation or science), and the value of each.
4.Write a 150-200 word description (3-4 paragraphs, or at least 5 observations) about the contrast between creationism and evolution. In your post, answer these questions:
a.How important is this debate right now in the halls of education and the community of faith?
b.Which will win out for the hearts and minds of future generations?
c.Which is more important to understand the truth of reality?
d.Can we integrate faith and evidence, or do we need to choose only between two extremes?
e.Are their other approaches (e.g. Kuhn, Hartshorne, or others)?
f.Think about how Occam’s Razor applies to any of these approaches.
5.Remember: use the four-step methodology of understanding, analysis, evaluation and application! You may also want to try to do the step called synthesis, by coming up with your own new paradigm for these concepts (and your own illustration).

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