Pretrial Diversion Programs

Please use the outline I have put together as a guide to the idea and the flow of the paper. However, there is no need to adhere to the exact titles or structure.
The Paper should be about how Pretrial diversion programs work and should be adopted more widely in the federal system (especially as it pertains to youth). It should be 30 pages, and have approximately 30-40 sources. Citations should follow Bluebook guidelines. The paper should have an abstract, Table of Contents, and table of sources at the end (not included in the 30 pages).
The introduction can take up a lot of room explaining what diversion programs are, their history and their legislative history, the difference and similarities between the federal and state Systems. The focus should be on the federal System and the DC system. The next section should talk about some of the pros (Social, economic, etc.) and cons of the system. Then give examples of successful programs, and examples of issues with the program. The last section should be a discussion about the how on balance, the benefits of this system outweigh the issues and the cons the system presents. A high emphasis on giving people a true second chance to succeed with the right tools versus throwing them in jail or blemishing their record with a criminal charge. (The social injustice of how many of the people who suffer most from this are black young males who come from impoverished backgrounds).
The paper should include charts, graphs and of statistics (which will also help take up some space) that represent the overall success of the programs (at the federal, DC, or national level). This research is being used for a juris doctoral level paper, and as such, should be at a high level, and of course completely authentic.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

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